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Sitemate Power Systems provides temporary portable power distribution solutions for construction, heavy industry and events.

Whether it’s on a construction site, a smaller building site or at an event of any size, getting power to where it’s needed is crucial.

To do this safely, quickly and reliably you need power distribution you can trust. Sitemate temporary power distribution will provide you with a solution you can rely on.

To get the job done, get a Sitemate!

Our Products

Fully compliant and manufactured to the highest standards.

TUFFLITE TPIL® 10 x 20W LED 2000lm 25Metre NZS 10A

$798.70 (excl. GST)
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TUFFLITE TPIL® 10 x 20W LED 2000lm 25Metre IEC 16A

$755.30 (excl. GST)
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Ensure the safety of your staff, equipment and the public knowing Sitemate has a focus on quality products that provide safety and peace of mind . All SDoCs and other certificates of compliance are available for download.


Sitemate carefully selects every component and uses a meticulous approach to design and construction to deliver safe and reliable power to where it’s needed.


Contact our experienced and knowledgeable customer service and support team to get the best advice on which products best suit your needs.